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 About the Film


From documentary filmmaker Peter Hansen and missions leader Darren Carlson comes Jesus in Athens, the story of the work of God in the midst of one of the greatest movements of people in modern history. 

Training Leaders International president Darren Carlson came to Athens with the intention of teaching the Bible to migrant leaders. That was the start of a seven-year journey, as he began to uncover the story God was telling.

Based on hundreds of hours of research, this is the story of some of the most marginalized people in the world, God’s chosen outcasts, as they come out of darkness and into light. Viewers are brought face to face with the miraculous and the ordinary, as Christians show hospitality to Muslim refugees, while being transformed from fear to love.


The Film Makers


Darren Carlson is the executive producer and writer of Jesus in Athens. He is the founder of Training Leaders International, and now serves with a staff of over 50 people around the world, providing theological training to underserved and undertrained areas. Jesus in Athens is a result of his PhD research on the migrant church communities in Athens.


Peter Hansen is the director of Jesus in Athens. As an independent filmmaker, he owns and operates Hansen Production Studios. Peter’s documentary and corporate work has taken him around the world, including Russia, China, India, Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Pacific Islands, and the Middle East.


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