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“Moving & Convicting”

John Piper

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It will make your heart burst to watch the hands and feet of Christ serving the outcasts in Athens!
— Dave & Gloria Furman / Authors
Opens your eyes to the stories of Christians who are showing the love of Christ to desperate, vulnerable people.
— Matthew Soerens / World Relief
Tales of rescue, boldness, and hope show how God is drawing many refugees into his kingdom.
— Bob Peckham / Frontiers
Superbly depicts how God is moving powerfully among people who are on the move.
— Sam George / Lausanne

Jesus in Athens is the compelling story of the ways Christians are serving migrants, and how Muslims are encountering the love of God and Christians, believing the gospel, and forming churches.

In 2015, over a million migrants entered Europe, most of them through Greece. But on their journey, something quite unexpected has occurred. Religious conversions and revival broke out, especially amongst Muslims fleeing their war-torn countries.

So, join us as we meet the people who feed and clothe some of the most marginalized people in the world. Gather with the chosen outcasts, as they come out of darkness and into light. Witness the miraculous. See the love of Christians toward people who were told Christians would hate them. Watch churches spring into action – entertaining strangers, showing hospitality, learning to reject hatred and fear. This is the story of God, gathering people and nations to himself, in a crisis.


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